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Being an “Impact Player” means having a bulletproof mental, emotional, and physical state of being. You’re always confident, focused, and in control — on and off the field.

Kai-imi Fairbairn: NFL Kicker, Houston Texans

2022 Houston Texans

Special Teams

I began working with Kai Imi in his 2022 season, as a top-level kicker in The NFL for the Houston Texans. Playing college football at UCLA he was first-team All-American as a senior and was awarded the Lou Groza Award as the nation’s top college kicker in 2015.

Already a highly accomplished NFL kicker, he wanted to take his pro career to the next level -The best elite athletes are always looking to advance their mental/physical abilities to be their best. Being a kicker in the NFL is a high-pressure position that requires the highest level of mental toughness and focus.

Our work included performance tools and strategies to maximize an optimistic mind, being present (mindfulness), getting into a flow state, self-compassion, and A-GAME activation. All to maximize his mindset every time he steps on the field and in life. Within a few weeks he next leveled his performance by kicking a career-long 61-yard field goal vs. the Seahawks, which set a Texans’ franchise record and the 5th longest field goal in NFL history.

It is a pleasure to work with Kai-Imi- He is highly talented, coachable, hardworking and very focused to be his best!


NFL Kicker, Houston Texans

Kai-imi Fairbairn

“I have had many coaches in my college and professional career and Steven is truly one of the best. His compassionate straightforward style really resonated with me. The coaching strategies and tools had an immediate impact on my mental focus and performance on and off the field.”

Franchon Crews-Dezurn: World Boxing Champion

Franchon Crews-Dezurn

Franchón Crews-Dezurn is an American professional boxer. She is the current World Boxing Council (WBC) Super middleweight world champion and World Boxing Association (WBA) interm world champion defeating Shadasia Green December 15, 2023.

She was the undisputed world champion at super middleweight. She held the World Boxing Council (WBC) titles between 2018 and 2023; the World Boxing Organization (WBO) title between 2019 and 2023; and the World Boxing Association (WBA) and International Boxing Federation (IBF) title between 2022 and 2023.

World Boxing Champion

Franchon Crews-Dezurn

“I have always had the dream of boxing professionally and now it’s a reality. I knew I was good but felt I could use more confidence. Steven helped me increase my confidence and positive self-talk. Most importantly he helped me in giving myself grace, or in Stevens words: “self -compassion,” when I would mentally beat myself up. In and out of the ring I now have tools to deal with the stress of being a student and how to stay positive, confident, and manage my time effectively to balance life and sports.”

Mikalyn Emanuelli: D1 Softball Player, University of San Diego

Mikalyn Emanuelli
Division 1 Softball

I began working with Mikalyn in softball during her senior year of high school. With the goal of playing D1 softball, she wanted to prepare herself for her final season maximizing her performance as a student athlete on the field and in the class room leading into her college career. As a highly coachable and motivated athlete, we implemented the A-GAME principles of mindfulness, performance, self-compassion, communication and A-GAME activation to create immediate results.

She finished her senior year as:

  • 2021 (senior year) CIF San Diego Section First Team, Team MVP
  • Finished High School career with an overall .421 batting average, 75 RBIs, 81 runs scored, 18 stolen bases, .515 on base percentage, and 119 hits
  • 4 Year Honor Roll Scholar Athlete
  • Graduated with a 5.0 GPA and named Salutatorian

She has since gone on to be a DI payer at the University of San Diego and broke into the starting line up as a freshman with the following results her freshman year:

  • Saw action in 34 games, including 25 starts
  • Was the Toreros primary right fielder
  • Recorded a perfect fielding percentage with 29 putouts and an outfield assist in 30 chances
D1 Softball player at the University of San Diego

Mikalyn Emanuelli

“I have always had the dream of playing division 1 softball in college and now it’s a reality. I knew I was good but felt I could use more confidence. Steven helped me increase my confidence and positive self-talk. Most importantly he helped me in giving myself grace, or in Stevens words: “self -compassion,” when I would mentally beat myself up. On and off the field I now have tools to deal with the stress of being a student and how to stay positive, confident, and manage my time effectively to balance school and softball.”

Carter Tucker: Baseball Player, Imperial Tigers

Carter Tucker
High School Baseball

Carter is a 15 year old high school freshman baseball and football player. His parents reached out to discuss how I could help his confidence on the field and improve his performance. After my initial interview with him he was a perfect candidate for the A-GAME program. Committed to working on his mindset, he shared his goal of being a D1 college baseball player. He felt that he could improve his self-confidence, inner dialogue and focus. These are the number one issues that most developing athletes face.

A motivated and dedicated Carter quickly started using the tools and strategies to increase his confidence and performance.

  • Quickly earned a starting role as a freshman on the varsity team
  • Now is rated number 1 academically in his class

His confidence and performance continue to grow each week. I’m excited to see what the future bring for this talented student athlete.

Imperial Tigers Baseball Player

Carter Tucker

“Working with Steven has been great! I’m more mindful, focused and confident on the field. What I like the most about the coaching is that Steven is always in my corner and positive when he works with me helping me see how I can get better.”


2022 Combine Training

2023 Combine Training

Steven was recently hired to mentally prepare 20 NFL prospect for the most important interview off their athletic carrier the 2022 NFL combine.

Over an 8-week period Stevens coaching consisted of how to:

  • Communicate effectively in the interview process with team owners and head coaches
  • Have an optimistic mindset, be mindful, self-compassionate
  • Regulate one’s mental and emotional state 
  • Perform at one’s A-GAME when it matters most

The combine results were 5 first round picks and multiple 2-5 round picks. Most importantly every athlete was fullly prepared for the intense menatal and physical rigors of the combine.

Strength Coach and Founder of Proactive Sports

Ryan Capretta

“We brought Steven in to help our 2022 NFL pre combine training camp players to maximize their mindset for their upcoming combine. As a former athlete himself and a performance expert he was able to really relate and connect with our guys providing them useable tools and tactics to maximize their performance. More than that he is deeply passionate and truly cares about helping athletes being their best on and off the field.”

Strength and Conditioning Coach & Founder of Fairchild Sports Performance

Ben Fairchild

“We brought Steven in for his AGAME training for our coaches. He provided insightful tools, tactics, and strategies on how to mentally be at our best and how to support our athletes in their journey to be their best. Great speaker and Coach.”

Tyus Edney

“Over the years, I’ve had many coaches and Steven is on that is truly gifted at helping individuals be the best they can be. As a professional athlete, I knew I needed to have the competitive edge. If you want the edge, I recommend his coaching.”


Kristy Morrell

“As a dietitian specializing in eating disorders and sports nutrition, I must be able to connect and motivate many types of personalities. Steven’s coaching system has helped me make that coaching connection and accelerate my clients’ results.”

Former & Current Clients:

Nomar Garciaparra – 6X MLB All Star
 Mike piazza – NY Mets Hall of Fame Catcher
Eric Karros – Los Angeles Dodger
Jason Kendall – MLB 2X All Star
Tyus Edney – NBA Player & Euro League MVP
Don MacLean – NBA
Rob Fredrickson – NFL
Duane Bickett – NFL Pro Bowler
Andre Reed – NFL Hall of Fame Wide Receiver
Mike Sherrard – NFL Superbowl Winner
Steve Sarkisian – University of Texas, Head Football Coach
Chad Lewis – NFL 3X All Pro
Kai-Imi Fairbairn – NFL Kicker

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