“The more present you are, the higher you perform.” -Steven Griffith

As an executive in today’s fast-paced and competitive world, there is one thing that drives performance and unlocks your full potential — your mind. What got you there won’t keep you there. As a modern leader, you need to be able to focus your time, energy, and effort in the right way always advancing to be in optimal physical and mental condition.

For over 20 years, Steven’s expertise has led him to becoming a trusted advisor and coach to successful CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Professional and Olympic Athletes, Entertainment Professionals, and Leaders of Large and Small organizations to perform at their optimal level, maximize their time and realize their full potential.

Considered the Chief Time Officer to may organizations, teams  and individuals, Griffith provides a strategic and effective approach to changing our relationship to time, allowing organizations and individuals to close performance gaps, increase organizational efficiencies, improve productivity and realize their full potential. Based on thousands of client engagements over two decades with CEO’s, top executives, entrepreneurs, pro athletes, military leaders, celebrities and organizations around the world, Griffith’s Time Cleanse is the first wellness solution in the world that both “adds time to your life, and life to your time” while increasing performance, reducing stress and improving your focus on what matters.

His proven, science-based coaching system will show you how to create fast, measurable results (with your Time) that will take you to your next level both in business and in life business today.

Steven’s system makes it easy, fun and fast to get your mindset and skillset aligned with your true, authentic beliefs, values, and purpose —You will start working smarter, reduce stress and anxiety, and get the proper rest and recovery you need to perform at your highest potential, so you can do more, be more, and have more in less time.

Having an experienced researcher and coach like Steven in your corner committed to your success creates speed that will accelerate you faster than ever before in areas that matter the most in business and life.

A former Chicago Golden Glove Boxer and Illinois State Heavy Weight Champion, Griffith has been dubbed “The Velvet Hammer” for his uniquely fierce and compassionate no-holds-barred style of coaching.

Steven works with a select group of individuals on a one on one basis. For more information on coaching, speaking and corporate training, visit StevenGriffith.com.



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For over 20 plus years and 25,000 hours of personal and business coaching, Steven has worked extensively with the military, executives and athletes, coaches, members of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and nearly every other sport — helping them master every area of their life.

Having a veteran advocate in your corner to help you obtain the success and greatness you deserve can be a game changer.
The time is now to be an Impact Player in your life and be an A-Game player!
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