Student Athletes

“The more present you are, the higher you perform.” -Steven Griffith

Having an expert in your corner to develop the high-performance skills you need to survive the physical and mental rigors of academics, athletics, and life is now essential. Your A-Game coach will help you develop a customized personal program to ensure you success.

Sports Performance

You will learn how to:


Consistently perform at your full potential


Increase motivation and confidence


Eliminate performance anxiety


Become more resilient and increase grit


Recover quickly from underperforming Set and achieve goals with speed


Communicate effectively with teammates and coaches


Overcome injuries and set backs

It’s not enough to perform on the field. For your career to last past athletics you need to excel in the classroom. Your A-Game coach will help you develop a customized personal program.

Academic & Life Skills

You will learn how to:


Use time in a way to balance sports and academics


Increase your academic focus despite tech distraction


Communicate more effectively


Be a mindful and compassionate student


Decrease stress and test anxiety


Increase confidence and resilience


Have more fun

Parents of High School Athlete

Jessica & Jered Tucker

“My wife and I didn’t really know what to expect when we hired Steven for our high school son- A freshman baseball and football player. We couldn’t be happier with the results. He is now a starter on his varsity baseball team and was just rated number 1 academically in his class. He has helped our son to deal with setbacks on and off the field. We have seen improvements in his communication skills, confidence, and overall performance. We are so glad we invested in his program and feel this is going to be a great head start to his life journey!”

Imperial Tigers Baseball Player

Carter Tucker

“Working with Steven has been great! I’m more mindful, focused and confident on the field. What I like the most about the coaching is that Steven is always in my corner and positive when he works with me helping me see how I can get better.”
D1 Softball player at the University of San Diego

Mikalyn Emanuelli

“I have always had the dream of playing division 1 softball in college and now it’s a reality. I knew I was good but felt I could use more confidence. Steven helped me increase my confidence and positive self-talk. Most importantly he helped me in giving myself grace, or in Stevens words: “self -compassion,” when I would mentally beat myself up. On and off the field I now have tools to deal with the stress of being a student and how to stay positive, confident, and manage my time effectively to balance school and softball.”

CEO of Top Notch Seeds

Scott Emanuelli

“Steven’s coaching has been a game changer for my daughter. He started working with her in her senior year of high school. She now is a D1 college softball player. As a freshman she broke into the starting lineup, and I have seen her confidence and performance growing each week academically and athletically. .Most importantly I can see the tools she is learning is setting her up for life long success past athletics. It is an investment we are glad we made for her to be her best!”

College Athlete Interview

A Parent’s Perspective

High School Athlete Interview

Message to Parents


 Are you giving your student athlete every advantage to succeed on and off the field?

The single most important skill for today’s developing student athlete is the right mindset. The aftermath of our recent pandemic has left our students in a critical place A-game coaching is the solution to giving your student athlete the competitive advantage to succeed in life and the skills to having a resilient, optimistic, and confident mindset… Thriving on and off the field no matter what obstacles come their way.


This program is for parents:

1. Who believe their kids have not yet hit their potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

2. Who understand coaching is an investment that pays tenfold in dividends later in their daughter/son’s lifetime success.

3. This program is for those who understand that the best results occur when kids have a personalized 1-to-1 mentor in their corner.

This program is NOT for you if:

1. This is not for someone who is satisfied with where your child is at currently.

2. This is not for someone who doesn’t believe in spending time or money to develop their athlete.

3. This is not for someone who believes your child’s school coaches are doing everything your child needs for them to be there best.

*Steven is committed that everyone have access to A-Game principles and coaching – no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

It’s Time For Your


For over 20 plus years and 25,000 hours of personal and business coaching, Steven has worked extensively with the military, executives and athletes, coaches, members of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and nearly every other sport — helping them master every area of their life.

Having a veteran advocate in your corner to help you obtain the success and greatness you deserve can be a game changer.
The time is now to be an Impact Player in your life and be an A-Game player!
Or don’t. It’s not for everyone. It’s for only those who are committed to be their very best.

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